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Radiator/Fuel Tank Repair


M.R. Dirt is one of the few radiator and fuel tank repair shops in the area. We can service any radiator, big or small, and order anything that you may need.

Radiator Repair


Everything that we repair is done with high quality and tested parts. Our mechanics have 34 years of experience in radiator repair ensuring that your radiator or tank leaves in the best condition possible. Everything is pressure tested when completed to make sure that it will work when installed. 

Fuel Tank Repair


We do full repairs on tanks of all sizes. Just like our radiator repair, high quality parts are used and everything is tested before going out the door. 



If your radiator or tank is beyond repair, in most cases we can get you a new one. We offer competitive pricing and we can also install whatever you buy.


  • Radiators of any size

  • Charge air coolers

  • Condensers

  • Have inventory on hand and can order anything you need

Other services/parts that we offer


  • Fuel tank

  • Charge air coolers

  • Commercial coolers of any size

  • A/C condensors

  • Industrial coolers

  • Custom made units available

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